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Why I Write
Oh darling, repetitions and lies,
Are they all that you could see?
Truth may be disguised behind words,
But those of mine, are heart scratched words.
My heart can feel truth beyond sight,
And I see the chocolate sweetness behind every eye.
Why is it that so few movies today have a happy ending?
Why is it that so few poems today
Are not of anguish or torn heart?
Why do so few people
Notice not the blooming flowers
Or the lovely colored landscape
And admire nature's simple beauty?
Journalism of today seem to focus only on the extremes;
And the outrageous;
The heartbroken minds;
And of moments without happiness.
Why is it that the simple beauties of this world we all live in
Are so hard to express?
That's why I am here,
For reason I have taken upon myself,
To give, to share,
To show the way to care.
So upon speaking the reason I write,
I hope that within the shattered pieces that once made up your heart,
You'd find the piece that holds the very essence of
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The Villanelle Contest: Gathering ALL Writers!
I've heard it all, you know.  Everyone complains that there are no challenging contest on dA, there are no fair contests, no fun contests, etc.  I decided that I would try to change that.  I would make it fun, I would make it fair, and I would make it challenging for everyone!  But I needed help - this would be to large for me to handle.  So, I teeamed up with the amazing PoetryOD and here we are. Hosting one of the biggest Lit contests on dA.
Now, you may ask - why is this such a fair contest if it is so big?  
Here's your answer:  
The judges for this contest are as follows:
Mattiello  (Me =D)
PoetryOD  (the amazing)
StJoan (your foremost Lit GD/ the one people complain to - I wouldn't though.)
BeccaJS (I've seen her in a movie!  ;) )
lovetodeviate ( the one you go to if you want to know something  :lol:
:iconmattiello:Mattiello 68 55
233 :iconsnowskadi:SnowSkadi 6,452 0 Betwhee :iconenayla:enayla 3,831 546 As petals go by.. :iconleaubellon:Leaubellon 1,100 269
How to Write Villanelles
           Villanelles can be quite discouraging; they look simple but are actually quite difficult. However, when mastered, it becomes “technically easy” according to Conrad Geller.  Just like riding a bike, right?  The name Villanelle is derived from the Italian villa, or country house, which is where aristocrats went to “refresh” themselves.  Strangely enough, the form is originally French and only appeared in the English language in the lat 1800s (19th century).  Out of the 19 lines in a Villanelle, only two rhymes are used.  Furthermore, two lines repeat throughout the poem; usually the first and last lines of the first stanza are repeated interchangeably throughout the second, third, fourth, and fifth stanzas (starting with the first line of the first stanza) until the last stanza where both are repeated in the same stanza.
:iconmattiello:Mattiello 251 240
the Horrible and the Hammer :iconthechamba:theCHAMBA 4,469 514 I open... :iconkatiedesousa:katiedesousa 9,261 1,579 Space Lane :icondinyctis:dinyctis 4,484 1,459 Grammar Natzee :icondinyctis:dinyctis 9,559 2,747
The Price You Paid
So this is where it falls.
You fought so hard to
save us, to bring about
the world that you always
believed we could attain.
Your understanding and hope
were the tethers that held
our scattered hearts to the
once hidden truth.
But now you have begun to fade.
I can see your golden eyes
once so full of life, smile just once more,
as you fall into greedy arms of Twilight's Lord

You used to dance,
lost in a music that we could not hear,
and yet, when you took my hand
to pull me into the voiceless song,
I could feel the drumbeat, the harmony
in whose rhythm you moved.
Each passing day with you
was like a gift, a present from
some benevolent god who understood
the feelings you inspired in your friends,
and the respect in your enemies.
Only now, you are lost to us.
I can see the crimson stain that flowed
so quickly from your heart. The bruises that
only now have begun to show.

When our long time peace was shattered
you showed to us a side of you
that promised a victory, and not
:iconsilvercharmed:Silvercharmed 5 26
let me in
Let me show you how to see things as beautiful.  I can give you a world where every daisy’s petal is love, where the moon is a full, round promise of stars tumbling lacy skies and the sun glows from every child’s eye.  I’ll teach you to let light bubble your heart and soar your veins beyond the leafy shadows of your mind.
Take my hand and let me lead you through my mind.  I’m a winding path through spring flowers quivering like tiny hearts in hopeful wind.  I’m a baby’s first breath bursting whitely, brightly into soft air; a tern’s wing-curve as it dives from air to sea.  I’m light from the sun suspended orange in a belly of sky the colour of oft-washed denim.  I’m a fern unfurling in forest mist; you can find me in spheres of sky lined with cloud-silver, rolling pebbles and stones in the unmeasured leap of brooks brimming with autumn breeze.   
Come with me. 
:iconprairiedaisy:prairiedaisy 3 16
descartes has nothing on me
i group thought in twos
and twelves
nothing adds
i forgot that hearts don’t follow
laws of reason
:iconprairiedaisy:prairiedaisy 2 19
Please Don't Follow
Stay away.
I can not tell you
what will happen.
In this deepest corner
of my own mind
I am a visitor.
Please do not follow me
in anymore, for I do not
know what may come
of it.
For so long I sat alone,
wings hanging in
tattered pieces as I looked
down into the forever of
the shining black ice beneath
my bleeding feet.
But then you came.
You strolled in,
blinding me with
a light that I had not
seen after so many
nights of staring into
the dark.
Your warmth burned me
like the heat of a flame
after the eternal chill of
my frozen landscape.
But I know it will not last,
and I do not want you to
become caught as I  have,
so wrapped up in dreams
that I can not even find reality
among the many hidden
Please do not come
any further.
I do not deserve the
help you offer, and I know
that your Golden wings
will sing for many eons
to come, if you remain safe.
So I ask you
to stay away,
and it kills me to
do so.
:iconsilvercharmed:Silvercharmed 3 9

Newest Deviations

Here amidst the bones bleached white,
the echoes become trapped in ribcages
like a heartbeat.
But it’s just a sound.
No blood pumps through the
marrow thick like
baby’s breath-
flowers for someone who is sick or dying or
No light shines
under the skin and muscle.
How dark it must be for the
delicate, fleshy bits underneath.
The lungs don’t know when it’s time to
go. No moon to guide them.
How do they know when to
Does the heart even know the color
of blood?
:iconforwinds:forWinds 2 5
When she was a child,
the sun was her God
that rose and fell one day
after one day
after one.
When she was a child,
the sun was her God
unlike the tenement halls
she scavenged
for her faith.
When she was a child,
bruises took her knees from praying.
When she was a child
kneeling on the floorboards,
she begged the sun to shine
through the window bars.
It only happened
When she was a child,
the sun was her God
but slowly she found that
God was not
the sun.
:iconforwinds:forWinds 1 3
Blades of grass
brush the bottoms
of tanned feet, the cloth
of orange robes.
The wrinkles in the hem
transform an instant
into an hour
as thistles whistle windswept past
deaf ears and hunched backs,
pursed lips, closed eyes that open
to the soul.
ripples out from the center
in a golden, misty halo that echoes,
falling away like waves on a shore,
swelling loud and crashing all at once
into thin sheets.
The waves move up
towards wrinkled feet
where mist brushes the brows
of the brothers in orange
and dissolves like the silent
ohm of breathing,
deep and steady, up
to the open temple walls
and far into the trees.
:iconforwinds:forWinds 3 3
We stand and face
the blinded men.
There is one
for each of us.
They stand like ruins in the rain,
the water pouring down
the cracks in their faces,
corroding away the skin
until there is nothing left but
The officer barks-
we raise our rifles
and learn only to remember
the jolt in our shoulders
before the heavy fall.
The bodies crumple to the ground
like folds of laundry. Yet
one still shivers
across from me, wet
between the legs.
Another bark, but
to my left remains standing
a gun cocked and loaded,
the sight shaking with a trembling chest.
Bark, again, but he shuts his eyes
and shakes his head,
denying the tag
around his neck.
I hear my name
and before the blinded man can fumble
with his lips,
“Oh mother- Dear God who art in Heaven-“
I pull the butt from my shoulder
and stand before the blood
pooling in the dirt
amidst the rifle's smoke.
To my left,
I hear him wretch.
:iconforwinds:forWinds 2 2
Newspaper Phoenix :iconforwinds:forWinds 0 3 I Say :iconforwinds:forWinds 3 7
Please, do NOT use my work without my written consent! And don't steal, either, that's just rude. Thank you. ^^


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Hi all,
A lot has been going on recently, including health issues, my car being out of commission, a lot of financial trouble, and general suckage. Still, despite all of this difficulty, I know everything will turn out okay. It always does.

In the meantime, I've uploaded some poetry from my last semester at UML. Perhaps I'll upload some of the fiction I've been working on and see what kind of feedback I get. That might kickstart my motivation for finishing what I start.

I hope you all are well, I hope to be more active here... somehow. Sometime between my three jobs, freelancing, and sleeping, at least.

Blessed be,
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